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LaTeX Tips: Bibliographies

\begin{thebibliography}{9} \bibitem{Erdos01} P. Erd\H os, \emph{A selection of problems and results in combinatorics}, Recent trends in combinatorics (Matrahaza, 1995), Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge, 2001, pp. 1--6. \bibitem{ConcreteMath} R.L. Graham, D.E. Knuth, and O. Patashnik, \emph{Concrete mathematics}, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1989. \bibitem{Knuth92} D.E. Knuth, \emph{Two notes on notation}, Amer. Math. Monthly \textbf{99} (1992), 403--422. \bibitem{Simpson} H. Simpson, \emph{Proof of the Riemann Hypothesis}, preprint (2003), available at \url{}. \end{thebibliography}

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